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Deadpool and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9963-0


viii + 264 pages


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The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy

Subversive Reports from Another Reality

Edited by Bruce Krajewski and Joshua Heter
Volume 111 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

After the nuclear destruction of Washington DC and the American surrender, the former United States is partitioned between the Empire of Japan and the Third Reich. Americans cope with this grim reality by accommodation, collaboration, and, in a few desperate cases, resistance. The aging Führer Adolf Hitler is now the best hope to avert a nuclear holocaust, while, mysteriously, newsreel videos begin to circulate of an alternate reality, in which America won the war . . .

“Hitler meets horoscopes! In the words of one of this volume’s co-editors, everything alt is new again. The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy is a poignant collection of timely reflections for these peculiar dark times.”

—David Sullivan, Professor of Philosophy, Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Philip K. Dick’s alternate history of a dystopic, defeated, dis-United States squeezed between rival fascist powers strikes a deep chord in these times. Krajewski and Heter serve up a philosopher’s feast in this wide-ranging collection, from the ethics of resistance to the what-if? of possible worlds, from psychology to mass media, and from everyday reality to the hyper-realities of fiction.”

 —Paul Mountfort, Editor, Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture

“In its focus on a world gripped by authoritarianism and anti-democratic propaganda, The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy could hardly be more timely or relevant. The questions raised in these highly readable chapters—What happens when a population can no longer distinguish between truth and falsity? What are the ethics of resisting intolerance? Should we disobey an unjust government?—are vital ones which, now more than ever, require serious attention.”

—Aaron Santesso, co-editor of Swift’s Travels (2008)

 “The essays collected here follow the diverse range of speculative avenues opened up by Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and multiplied through Amazon’s televisual reimagining. In an alternate reality, Dick himself is already furiously devouring this volume, and thoroughly enjoying himself composing a whirlwind series of letters praising, refuting, debating, and bouncing new ideas off its authors.”

—James Burton, author of The Philosophy of Science Fiction: Henri Bergson and the Fabulations of Philip K. Dick (2015)

Bruce Krajewski is Professor and Chair of English at the University of Texas at Arlington and an editorial board member of Fast Capitalism. He is the author of Traveling with Hermes: Hermeneutics and Rhetoric (1992). Joshua Heter teaches philosophy at Iowa Western Community College. He contributed chapters to Orphan Black and Philosophy: Grand Theft DNA (2016) and The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable! (2016).

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