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The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam

The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam

Edited by Randall E. Auxier, Douglas R. Anderson, and Lewis Edwin Hahn

Volume 34 in the Library of Living Philosophers series
Steve Jobs and Philosophy

Steve Jobs and Philosophy

Edited by Shawn E. Klein

“Jobs’s innovations have inspired the innovative reflections about him in this fascinating and insightful volume.”

—Douglas J. Den Uyl, author of God, Man, and Well-Being: Spinoza’s Modern Humanism

Adventure Time and Philosophy

Adventure Time and Philosophy

Edited by Nicolas Michaud

“The true Adventurer’s guide to understanding Adventure Time. Nicolas Michaud and his fearless team do an incredible job investigating and answering those nagging questions we’re almost always left with at the end of every episode.

—Thomas Olson Jr., founder of LandOfOoo.com

Justified and Philosophy

Justified and Philosophy

Edited by Rod Carveth and Robert Arp

“You haven’t read Justified and Philosophy yet? Folks have been shot for less.”

—Nicolas Michaud, editor of Adventure Time and Philosophy: The Handbook for Heroes

Girls and Philosophy

Girls and Philosophy: This Book Isn't a Metaphor for Anything

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene

“You might find the characters in Girls unlikable, but you’ll love finding out what makes them that way. Girls and Philosophy is stark, raw, witty, and entertaining, and most of all, it has the same commitment to the truth that fans of Girls expect.“

—Courtland Lewis, co-editor of Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside

Homeland and Philosophy

Homeland and Philosophy: For Your Minds Only

Edited by Robert Arp

“We’re still wrestling with the demons released by 9/11, and Homeland helps us to reflect on all the ways the world has been affected by terrorism. Homeland and Philosophy goes further—it takes us into the heart of our deepest existential questions . . . This wonderful book gives Homeland fans a host of insights into a world shaped by ideas and values . . . some of which seem very foreign.”

—Jamie Carlin Watson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Broward College

The Occupy Movement Explained

The Occupy Movement Explained: From Corporate Control to Democracy

Nicholas Smaligo

“The Occupy movement was an outpouring of anger and love, as hopeful as any political event in the history of the last few American decades. . . . The Occupy Movement Explained manages to cherish the hope while also providing explanations for the rise and decline of the movement in terms both accessible and theoretically sophisticated.”

—Crispin Sartwell, author of How to Escape

The Devil and Philosophy

The Devil and Philosophy: The Nature of His Game

Edited by Robert Arp

Did the Devil make you do it? Or are you just an asshole? Does the Devil you know really beat the Devil you don’t? Or are you screwed either way? And why the hell do these questions matter? Read this irresistibly tempting book to find out.”

—Roberto Sirvent, Associate Professor of Political and Social Ethics, Hope International University

Leonard Cohen and Philosophy

Leonard Cohen and Philosophy: Various Positions

Edited by Jason Holt

"Editor Jason Holt, himself a fine absurdist experimental poet and a professor of philosophy, draws us into examining the k.oan of Cohen, so to speak."

—George Elliott Clarke, Professor of Canadian Studies, Harvard University & Poet Laureate of Toronto

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