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Philosophy of Umberto Eco

The Philosophy of Umberto Eco

Edited by Sara G. Beardsworth and Randall E. Auxier

Eco is a founder of modern semiotics and widely known for his work in aesthetics and philosophy of language. He is also a leading figure in the emergence of postmodern literature. This volume includes Eco’s Intellectual Autobiography and the essay “Why Philosophy?” along with twenty-three critical essays by leading philosophers and Eco’s replies to his critics.

The X-Files and Philosophy

The X-Files and Philosophy: The Truth Is In Here

Edited by Robert Arp

“Remember the time when your peanut butter sandwich was mysteriously stolen (as Cher sang in the distance)? Or when you were chased by that Mexican goat sucker thing (again)? In these pages you’ll get the chance to relive all of your favorite X-Files moments, and think about them in new and profoundly unsettling ways.”

—Dean A. Kowalski, editor of The Philosophy of The X-Files (2007)

Deadpool and Philosophy

Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense Is Tingling

Edited by Nicolas Michaud and Jacob Thomas May

 “The Merc with a Mouth knows he’s a fictional character, which calls to mind questions about self-awareness, self-knowledge, and ‘I think, therefore I am.’ He’s also immortal, which makes us wonder whether living forever would get boring. And he seems to live by his own moral code, which possibly contradicts his regular ghosting of folks. Yup, there’s a lot to think about when considering Deadpool, and the authors of Deadpool and Philosophy really deliver some stunning insights.”

—Robert Arp, author of 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013)

Peanuts and Philosophy

Peanuts and Philosophy: You’re a Wise Man, Charlie Brown!

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene

“. . . the perfect book for those of us who’ve been amused, enchanted, or provoked by Charles Schulz’s much-loved world of happiness, frustrated love, grief, struggle, joy, and so much more.”

—Charles Taliaferro, author of Consciousness and the Mind of God

The Ultimate Game of Thrones and Philosophy

The Ultimate Game of Thrones and Philosophy: You Think or Die

Edited by Eric J. Silverman and Robert Arp

 “A must read for any fan of Game of Thrones who has the slightest interest in philosophy.”

—Greg Littmann, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Red Rising  and Philosophy

Red Rising and Philosophy: Break the Chains!

Edited by Courtland Lewis and Kevin McCain

 “Red Rising and Philosophy is a fun collection of philosophical reflections on Pierce Brown’s amazing sci-fi trilogy. Contemporary philosophical issues abound in Red Rising, and Lewis and McCain have done an awesome job in assembling fascinating discussions of this popular saga.”

 —Ted Poston, Professor of Philosophy, University of South Alabama

Eight Children in Narnia

Eight Children in Narnia: The Making of a Children’s Story

Jared Lobdell

 “What Jared Lobdell has to say is always worth reading. . . . Here Lobdell delves into the sources of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s bookish childhood, adult appreciation of the fairy tale, and ‘essential schoolboyishness’, and discovers the mythic truth in the unique Narnian blending of the numinous and the carnival.”

—Janet Brennan Croft, Editor of Mythlore

David Bowie and Philosophy

David Bowie and Philosophy: Rebel Rebel

Edited by Theodore G. Ammon

“No matter how familiar you may have thought you were with David Bowie, the chapters in this fascinating book will greatly enrich your understanding of his significance. We already knew that Bowie was constantly changing, but he emerges from these pages as a thinker.”

—Robert S. Mcelvaine, author of Eve’s Seed and The Great Depression

Orphan Black and Philosophy

Orphan Black and Philosophy: Grand Theft DNA

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene

Cloning, genetic enhancement, human experimentation, personal identity, the ends justifying the means, . . . what’s not philosophical about Orphan Black? And what’s not supercool about Orphan Black and Philosophy?

—Robert Arp, author of 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013)

Discworld and Philosophy

Discworld and Philosophy: Reality Is Not What It Seems

Edited by Nicolas Michaud

“An absolutely stunning, or at least relatively stunning, gaggle of choice chapters on Pratchett’s kaotic cosmos. You’ll need that bottle of dried frog pills, but be careful not to wake the Luggage.”

—Ray Scott Percival, Author of The Myth of the Closed Mind

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