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Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9956-2


ix + 262 pages


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Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy

Experience Required

Edited by Theodore G. Ammon
Volume 113 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

The tormented Voodoo Child, the outrageous provocateur, the greatest rock guitarist of all time, the tragic co-founder of the 27 Club—every facet of the late, great genius Jimi Hendrix is captured in this free-ranging philosophical jam session.

Are You Experienced introduced Hendrix to the world in 1967, and it sounds just as relevant today as it did then. Refusing to take the legend for granted, the philosophical probes in Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy explore the breadth and depth of the issues raised by Hendrix’s music and his meteoric career. Nineteen provocative authors remind us that his sound and fury always signified something. Turn up the music and start reading, anywhere!”

—Theodore Gracyk, author of Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock (1996)

 “Jimi Hendrix entered the flame of his genius each time he performed, sacrificing his guitar with lighter fluid after conjuring fiery splendor on his upside-down stringed Stratocaster. He sang of ecstasy and freedom, of sex and death. He flirted with jazz and conjured the deep blues. Was he a shaman who traveled to the spirit world to bring back a healing vision or just a magnificently gifted musician who re-invented the way the electric guitar is played? In this book, drenched in philosophy and the work of many writers, Hendrix’s manifold gifts are on display. Taken together, these wide-ranging, diverse chapters capture his unique genius.”

 —Jory Farr, author of Rites of Rhythm: The Music of Cuba (2003) and Pulitzer Prize finalist (1990)

 “Jimi was similar to Thelonious relative to rock’n’roll, in that he not only wrote tunes that everyone will play for many, many years to come, but he moved the entire genre musically through his approach to his instrument. Though many try to imitate Jimi, when examined, none has come close to his ideas as a soloist. Just as many imitate Coltrane, no one really sounds like him. Jimi, like Monk and Coltrane, Bird, Miles, Pops, Ella, or Billy Holiday, is one of a kind, never to return. Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy leaves us in no doubt that he is one for the ages.”

—T.S. Monk, composer, drummer, bandleader (son of Thelonious Monk)

Theodore G. Ammon teaches philosophy, specifically logic and aesthetics, at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. He has published numerous scholarly articles in philosophy of logic, history of philosophy, and the theory of aesthetics. He edited the highly acclaimed volume, David Bowie and Philosophy: Rebel Rebel (2016).

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