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Deadpool and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9958-6


xvi + 350 pages


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The X-Files and Philosophy

The Truth Is In Here

Edited by Robert Arp
Volume 108 in thePopular Culture and Philosophy® series

The X-Files, recently revived as a TV miniseries, with further productions in the works, is one of the most innovative and controversial of TV shows, taking seriously the more bizarre theories of “the unexplained” and raising disturbing questions about the nature of popular belief. Here over thirty philosophers analyze The X-Files from diverse standpoints.

“Remember the time when your peanut butter sandwich was mysteriously stolen (as Cher sang in the distance)? Or when you were chased by that Mexican goat sucker thing (again)? Or what about that night you were abducted by two bleeping gray aliens (who were then abducted by a red inner space alien)? Even if that was someone else— perhaps someone named Eddie who only looked like you—fear not! In these pages you’ll get the chance to relive all of your favorite X-Files moments, and think about them in new and profoundly unsettling ways.”

—Dean A. Kowalski, editor of The Philosophy of The X-Files (2007)

The X-Files trades in creature-features, conspiracy theories, and pan-governmental secrets. The X-Files and Philosophy brings us just what we’ve all been waiting for: new insights into the deeper lessons we can take from Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and the rest. Be careful, or you may find yourself rethinking everything.”

—Rory E. Kraft, Jr., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, York College of Pennsylvania

“Which one are you? You know what I mean. Are you a Scully or a Mulder? Or do you just have a single, favorite episode that struck ‘Home’ with its surreal, can’t-pull-your-eyes-away-from-the-TV-screen storyline? In this collection of hard-hitting philosophical investigations, you’ll find that it doesn’t matter. What will matter is that you’ll have to swear an oath to never, ever reveal the Truth about what you will soon learn. For you . . . The Truth won’t be Out There anymore.”

—John V. Karavitis, CPA, MBA, and popular writer

 “Once upon a time there was a guy with the improbable name of Fox Mulder. He started out life happily enough, as these things go. He and Dana Scully feared the possibilities, but they both looked for the truth. Here in your hands is the Truth itself, in a book that ranks right up there with getting a pony and learning how to braid your own hair.”

—Joe Steiff, Professor of Cinema Art and Science, Columbia College Chicago

 “There are persistent, unresolved mysteries that affect our daily lives, but these are often marginalized or even ignored. Luckily, there are those among us who dedicate their careers and talents to investigating such mysteries. No—not just special agents like Mulder and Scully, but the philosophers Robert Arp has rounded up for this volume. Any further similarities between the two groups have mostly to do with the fact that members of both typically have windowless offices.”

—Tuomas W. Manninen, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Arizona State University

 “What is truth and why is it Out There? Is Scully or Mulder the real skeptic? You’ll probably be left with more questions at the end than you had going in—but that’s a familiar feeling for any X-Files fan.”

—Ronda Bowen, consultant ghost writer and truth finder

 An intelligence analyst for a branch of the US government, Robert Arp is an impeccably manicured non-smoker who keeps his demons at bay by writing and editing philosophy books, both scholarly and popular. His innumerable works include 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013), What’s Good on TV? Teaching Ethics through Television (2011), and Scenario Visualization: An Evolutionary Account of Creative Problem Solving (2008).

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