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ISBN 978-0-8126-9468-0


xii + 160 pages


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Nature, the Artful Modeler

Lectures on Laws, Science, How Nature Arranges the World and How We Can Arrange It Better

Nancy Cartwright
The Paul Carus Lectures 23

How fixed are the happenings in Nature and how are they fixed? Nancy Cartwright offers a different picure to the orthodox conception. This volume includes her Paul Carus Lectures plus four additional papers that further develop some of the central ideas.

“Possibilities, powers, capacities, the absence of laws and an open future: Nancy Cartwright offers us an original vision of nature and our place therein, brilliantly interleaved with moral insight and detailed explorations of scientific practice . . . How could anyone read this fascinating, provocative work without their own views being impacted?”

 —Bas Van Fraassen, author of The Scientific Image (1980), Laws and Symmetry (1990), and The Empirical Stance (2004)

Nancy Cartwright is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Durham and at the University of California San Diego. She is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. Her many books include How the Laws of Physics Lie (1983), Nature’s Capacities and Their Measurement (1989), The Dappled World (1999), and Hunting Causes and Using Them (2007).

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