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Deadpool and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9949-4


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Deadpool and Philosophy

My Common Sense Is Tingling

Edited by Nicolas Michaud and Jacob Thomas May
Volume 107 in thePopular Culture and Philosophy® series

Deadpool is the unique super-anti-hero who knows he’s in a comic book—and now, in a movie. Since his supervillainous debut in 1991, the “Merc with a Mouth” has undergone numerous changes, morphing from villain to good-guy to wisecracking anti-hero. Here, thirty philosophers give their thoroughly diverse and personal analyses of this paradoxical, elusive, and outrageous character.

“It’s commonly known that Deadpool’s two best friends are Blind Al and Weasel, but once you read these chapters, you’ll conclude that the fine philosophers in this book are the best friends a superhero could possibly have.”

 —Richard Greene, co-editor of The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable! (2016)

 “Underneath that skin that looks like an avocado had hate sex with an older, more disgusting avocado, Wade Wilson is a real f*$king philosopher. In this book you’ll find discussions of Deadpool as a lover with boner-fide ethical principles and of whether Sister Margaret’s mercenary for hire is a savior in red spandex and/ or a menace in crocs, and you’ll come to truly comprehend the sublime being of Wham! through this wisecracking metaphysician.”

—Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, author of Doorway to the World of Essences (2011) and writer for Things&Ink magazine

 “The Merc with a Mouth knows he’s a fictional character, which calls to mind questions about self-awareness, self-knowledge, and ‘I think, therefore I am.’ He’s also immortal, which makes us wonder whether living forever would get boring. And he seems to live by his own moral code, which possibly contradicts his regular ghosting of folks. Yup, there’s a lot to think about when considering Deadpool, and the authors of Deadpool and Philosophy really deliver some stunning insights.”

—Robert Arp, author of 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013)

 “This book falls somewhere between eating a heavenly chimichanga made by Bea Arthur herself and being curb-stomped by Thanos. Which is it closer to? That depends on how much Ryan Reynolds you can take . . . (which, I don’t know about you, but in my case is a lot). Either way, it’s a great book to keep in your bathroom. If you don’t like it, well, it’s really expensive TP.”

—Wade Wilson, candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize

 “Wait, they actually made this book? I thought that was a joke Wade was telling everyone to try and get into the X-Men again. Awww shit, guess I need to go into hiding . . . not sure if Canada is far enough away even for this.”


 “Hands down the best book I’ve ever read. Buy multiple copies!”

—Dr. Nicolas Michaud, Important Guy

 “This book is better than the Bible!”

 —Jacob Thomas May, Even More Important Guy

 Nicolas Michaud teaches philosophy and English in Jacksonville, Florida. He has edited Adventure Time and Philosophy: The Handbook for Heroes (2015) and Discworld and Philosophy: Reality Is Not What It Seems (2016). Jacob Thomas May studies philosophy at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

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