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Amy Schumer and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9990-6


x + 236 pages


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Amy Schumer and Philosophy


Edited by Charlene Elsby and Rob Luzecky
Volume 120 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

"Like Amy, this book is filled with thoughts and questions and shit to say! But unlike that glorious fake fall on the red carpet in front of Kimye, no one will be able to walk past this book as if it’s a pair of dollar-store undies on the sidewalk. NO, this badass book will knock them to the ground, smack them around, and leave them begging for more Kant, more Plato, and more Sartre!”

—Dr. Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, President of Blonde Women Philosophers and Some Redheads

 “The relevance of Amy Schumer’s unique comedic voice deserves serious reflection, or at least conversation among friends over a drink or four. Thoughtful fans will love this in-depth look inside Amy Schumer, through a philosophical lens.”

— Rachel Robison-Greene, editor of The Handmaid’s Tale and Philosophy (2018)

 “This wonderful book is an insightful collection of philosophical essays about one of the most significant female comics of our time. From The Leather Special, to Inside Amy Schumer, to Schumer’s movies, virtually every aspect of Amy Schumer’s prolific career gets a hilarious philosophical treatment. Readers looking for a philosophically informed laugh will not be able to put this book down.”

— Daniel W. Smith, author of Essays on Deleuze (2012)

“Is reading what philosophers think about Amy Schumer as fun as listening to Amy Schumer herself? If Amy listens to a tree fall in the woods, and no one else is there to hear it, would anyone believe her? What’s the sound of one hand clapping, and the other clutching our pearls, because we’re alternately horrified and intrigued by her comedy? This book will make you laugh, sometimes maybe even cry, but definitely leave you thinking as well.”

 — Gary Gabor, co-editor of Rethinking Secularization: Philosophy and the Prophecy of a Secular Age (2009)

Amy Schumer and Philosophy helps us see how Amy Schumer’s best humor is liberating. She invites us to laugh at ourselves—at the absurdities of our patriarchal culture, at our oppressive cultural ideals, at our flaws and foibles and insecurities—and in the process she helps us accept what we cannot change and reimagine everything that can be made better. If Amy Schumer has ever made you think, Amy Schumer and Philosophy will make you think again, and often about some of the most pressing topics of our time.”

 — Mark Ralkowski, editor of Louis C.K. and Philosophy (2016)

Charlene Elsby is Assistant Professor and the Philosophy Program Director at Purdue Fort Wayne. Rob Luzecky teaches philosophy at Purdue Fort Wayne. They have jointly authored many philosophical articles on popular culture.


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